Lotta Lobster at Lobsta Love Food Truck in Boston

My kids and I have been trying to track down the Lobsta Love food truck all summer. Man, these folks get around! We finally found them at Boston’s SoWa open-market (one of the most hip scenes in all of Beantown – if you’re into artisanal just-about anything, vintage everything and small-producer food products, check out the SoWa market, we love it, you will too, it’s just very cool). The wait, the search, the hunt for the Lobsta Love truck was well worth it, we were impressed!

Lobsta Love offers lots of lobster options including several choices of lobster rolls. I was intrigued with the concept of the $6.50 lobster roll slider and decided to order both the traditional and the Asian inspired. Yep, I stepped out of my comfort zone and went with something new. What we got for our $12.00 ($6.50 for one slider, two for $12.00, three for $17.00) were two well-stocked, sweet and yummy brioche rolls, toasted, buttered and loaded with big, whole chunks of delicious, fresh lobster meat. The traditional mini-roll was heavy on the lobster, light on the mayo, making for a hearty snack, individually and when paired, a nice lunch. The Asian fusion roll was tasty and different but seemed to be more inspired that impressive. I’ll give them points for creative flavor, I just don’t see the departure from the traditional as being necessary…more of my personal preference. Each slider came with a handful plus of chips, I’m guessing Cape Cod but maybe not.

Lobsta Love offers sliders, a standard size “classic split-top” (priced at $16.00), a Parmesan encrusted roll (one for $9.00, two for $17.00…not going there, I remain firm that seafood mixed with cheese is a no-no) and a super-sized “jumbo torpedo” for $23.00. All their breads come from Iggy’s, a local and favorite Boston bread maker. You can order a traditional roll (made with LL’s homemade mayo) or an Asian-fusion roll (which I thought was interesting but I probably would skip next time).

All-in-all, a fun food truck experience, absolutely satisfying, a good value and a pleasure to have connected with this super cool team of lobster lovers. Check them out!

Lobsta Love Food Truck


Lobsta Love (Food Cruck) on Urbanspoon


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