Best in NYC: Ed’s Lobster Bar

If you’re looking for a quick read, I’ll get right to the point: Ed’s Lobster Bar serves the best lobster roll in NYC, best in preparation, best in taste, best for your money. Care to read more?

There’s been a lot in the news lately about the plummeting prices of lobsters, this is, so they say, the reason for the proliferation of lobster rolls – yes, everyone is serving them, lobster rolls are everywhere! It seems to me that if the prices of lobsters are down but the prices of lobster rolls have remained constant (my guess is that a lobster roll costs, today, just about what it did five, maybe even ten years ago), then the quality of the roll should be on the upswing…not the case everywhere (not even in my beloved East Hampton where I had my very first, some 30 plus years ago).  Despite the “lobster roll on every menu” trend, Ed’s in NYC’s lower Manhattan (two locations plus a pop-up in Battery Park) is setting the standard for  not only the “best” but also the “best value”.

At $25.00, Ed’s  achieves an outstanding lobster roll by offering more than a generous portion of  flawlessly prepared rich, SA-WEET, tender, tail and claw morsels (Ed knows where to buy his lobsters and his kitchen knows just how to cook them) served in large chunks, with just the right mention of mayo, no filler. We’re talking a lot of lobster meat, folks, but for the top-split toasted, lightly buttered bun, you’d lose a good deal of the meat (or, at least, much would end up on your plate).  Served with a heaping side of golden fries (perfectly salted) and their trademark pickles (take home an order, they are that good!)… for your money, you get a perfect dish starring a perfectly simple but absolutely satisfying lobster roll.  You get what you came for, more so, in fact!

The NY Times reviewed Ed’s, as follows: “At Ed’s Lobster Bar Kiosk on the (Battery Park) waterfront, , Ed McFarland’s six-ounce celery-and-chive-dotted blob of musky mayonnaise-y lobster meat bobs atop its butter-drenched roll like one of the sprawling yachts in the adjacent marina ($25). It’s an object of conspicuous consumption as befits the captains of finance (emphasis added).We ordinary seamen would do well to get with a mate, order one large and one small three-ounce roll ($13), and split the difference.”

While “blob of musky mayonnaise-y lobster meat” and “butter-drenched roll” was not my experience at the Lafayette Street location (a lovely little spot that sits, unbeknownst to me when visiting, at the exact address my great-grandfather operated a candy store in the 1930s), I do agree with the spirit of the NY Times review, Ed’s Lobster Bar offers both abundance and quality in what I believe to be an absolute stand-out of  all Manhattan lobster rolls.

Ed’s Lobster Bar

222 Lafayette Street


Ed’s Lobster Bar Annex (offering patio seating)

25 Clinton Street


Ed’s Lobster Bar Kiosk

225 Vesey Street


Ed's Lobster Bar on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “Best in NYC: Ed’s Lobster Bar

    • Thanks, Jason. I was so excited when I saw this Daily News coverage. I posted on Blog Lobster’s Facebook and Twitter pages! So happy for Ed, he deserves all the accolades!

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