We’re Starting at Clam Bar in the Hamptons

Where to start? My first lobster roll? Somewhere in my top five? After much thought and consideration, we decided to start with Clam Bar on Montauk Highway in Amagansett, Long Island. Why here? I’ve been coming to Clam Bar since I was a teenager and so, I wanted to treat Amy to all that is special about this roadside joint. The Amys meet up, annually, in East Hampton, every March. We like being at the beach then, it is quite (desolate, in fact), many stores and most restaurants are closed, there is seemingly little to do except to hop in the car and explore (most days we comb the shore hunting for beach rock and sea glass). We often find ourselves driving East on Route 27, also known as Montauk Highway, one of the most beautiful roads I have the pleasure of knowing….it is rustic, weathered and often raw, just beautiful. In years past, we’ve driven past Lunch (aka Lobster Roll), Cyrils and Clam Bar saddened by their battened storm windows and the apparent “closed for the season” status, our mouths watering, thinking about the elusive (at that time of year) lobster roll.

This past March we hit a stroke of luck, our trip, our adventure, our drive-by took us past Clam Bar on its very first day of the season. Opening Day at Clam Bar….the Amys are pulling in! Clam Bar, with its barn- red façade and yellow striped umbrellas stands bright and inviting against the rugged brush of Montauk Highway. There are plastic tables and chairs on a patio of crushed sea shells or you can sit at a counter looking in onto the kitchen. The black-board menu is exactly what you’d expect at such a quintessential and familiar landmark. Last summer, while dining alone, I sat at the bar and chatted with the staff while I warmed myself with a heaping bowl of steamer clams…perfection! Families, singles, large parties, even those on a date, everyone feels welcome and appears to be so very happy at Clam Bar, you will be too!

This stop, with Amy, was about lobster rolls and lobster rolls we did enjoy! Sure we’ll bring you reviews of Lunch and Cyrils and hopefully Turf (if I can figure out their oh, so cool…too cool?…website). We’re starting with Clam Bar, though, because it’s a favorite, because it was open, because Clam Bar welcomed The Amys with warmth, good service, great music (enjoyed the sounds of both Dylan and Springsteen while we sat for lunch) and the lobster rolls, were, well, just everything I wanted them to be.

Here’s the scoop: the bun was approximately 6 inches long (your standard sized lobster roll) it was toasted and warm (although not buttered). The sandwich was generously filled with large chunks of fresh lobster, a touch of mayo, no filler of either celery or lettuce. It’s all about the lobster at Clam Bar. Priced reasonably (at market rate) at $19.50 and served with a nice portion of well-made coleslaw and a wedge of lemon. We ordered a side of fries for 3.99 and a couple of beers….exactly the traditional, Long Island, roadside lobster roll experience I wanted Amy to have. She loved it, we had a blast and a few beers later we left so very content. Clam Bar is, has been for decades and, I suspect, will always be an absolute favorite. Highly recommended.

Clam Bar at Napeague, East of Amagansett, West of Montauk

2025 Montauk Hwy (Route 27)

Amagansett, NY 11930



Clam Bar At Napeague on Urbanspoon


One thought on “We’re Starting at Clam Bar in the Hamptons

  1. Hey Amys! Found you via Pamela Madsen on Facebook. I am also a lobster roll lover. Never been to Clam Bar, but I adore Lunch. (Also dig the lobster salad — and of course the BBC! — at Cyril’s.) Can’t wait to see what other lobster rolls you recommend!

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